Prices and Offers


Find here the prices for all kinds of singing lessons offered. Either for Solo singing lesson, Band singing lesson or Choir singing lesson or choir direction. Don’t forget: You don’t need to be in Cologne to take a singing lesson! You can be everywhere in Germany or in the world and use my „Tele-Lesson“ to learn how to sing!

Test Lesson

Test lesson. In case you are not sure if you want to take singing lessons with me, you can take a test lesson first. The test lesson is offered just to solo singers and is 60 minutes long. You are getting 50% off the normal price and 100% of the services, like a „normal“ lesson.

A test lesson costs just 25,00€

Solo Lesson and Tele Lesson

Solo lesson for singers. It costs 50,00€. One hour lasts of course 60 minutes!

Band Lessons

Lesson for all the singers of the Group, solo or back vocals, as well as Sound-Improvement-Services for bands till 7 members. 

The price for the singing hour is for the whole band and not for each band-member separately. One hour costs 60,00€ and lasts 60 minutes.

Choir Lessons

A singing lesson for all the Choir members. Either Single or Group Lesson for the Choir members. Regardless of the number of the Choir members, it will be charged one lesson per hour (60 minutes) The preis is 70€/Hour.

(If the rehearsal place is in Cologne, there will be no charges of travel costs. When the rehearsals are not in Cologne, travel and possible accommodation costs will be charged after (prior) consultation.)

Choir Direction

Warming up exercises, singing technique exercises, repertoire widening, Interpretation. The price for one hour (60 minutes) is 100€, regardless of the size of the choir.

Permanent Offer*

All pupils (10+), students (18+) and seniors (65+) for Solo and Band Lessons, receive 20% Reduction**!


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*This promotion may not be combined with other ones.
**40,00€ instead of 50,00€ for the Solo and 48,00€ instead of 60,00€ for Bands Lessons.