Singing Is fun!

Almost everybody is singing in the car, at a party, or even… under the shower when our favorite music is playing.

Are you also dreaming of being on stage?

But is it difficult to learn how to sing?

I have been working with singers on and behind the stage for more than twenty years now. The goal is always the same: To inspire the public and after all to be happy with yourself! This is impossible though without a singing technique. Because singing is a very specific art and singers need very specific training!

Through my training as an opera singer and my subsequent personal experience on stage, I have dealt with lots of different situations. That has led me to enrich my pedagogical knowledge and to develop an unconventional way of teaching singing. A way of teaching that gives the singers the possibility to develop by themselves and at the end to interpret freely on stage.

Parallel to my stage career as an opera singer, I was lucky enough to participate in the dubbing of a lot of cartoon films, TV Series, and documentaries as well as to give concerts of different repertoire for example Musical, Jazz, Pop and Rock. This gave me the possibility to sing for different publics working with different music styles.

After singing myself around Europe, it is all this experience and knowledge that I want to share with you in Cologne and the neighboring places! I know now that being a singing teacher is not only about giving singing lessons but also about providing advice that allows you to make the right (professional) decisions at the right moment!

During the lesson, I combine the technical and psychological aspects of singing as a whole and develop a specific concept for each student individually. This is what brings you to the target!

On the technical part of the lesson, we are dealing with articulation and phonetics as well as tips and tricks that I have for you from my long year experience. You will learn the right way to develop a natural and instinctive breathing technique based on the newest knowledge, without the fear of whether you should be critical towards the “good old methods”, or not be able to relearn them.
If you think your voice is “small” or “thin“, I will help you to form it to the right “size”: the “aha moment” when the student understands that it is the resonance and not the pressure that brings the right result, is one of the most precious moments of the process for me, which I had the opportunity to experience a lot of times.

I consider voice one of the best ways to hear one’s current mood. On this account, the psychological aspect of the lesson is about teaching you how to overcome your inner hesitations and fears, and the needless tensions.
The ability of the student to find their own, personal way of interpretation is what confirms at the end my work and is the high point of our common journey.

I Am Teaching In Cologne

  • Experienced and inexperienced singers in Classical Music, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Soul, Funk, or Punk
  • Bands and groups of any music style for Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Punk, Metal
  • Choirs and ensembles with different repertoire (Classical, Gospel, etc.)

Choir Direction

  • For already existing or new choir-to-be projects.