Whether you are an amateur or an experienced singer, whether you are interested in Opera, Jazz, Pop, or Rock music, my philosophy is:

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional singer, or whether you are interested in opera, jazz, pop, or rock music, I have the following philosophy: The task of a singing teacher is to show you what is good for your voice and your body and not to have you losing your time working on an inflexible singing technique for endless hours that is perhaps working for some people but not necessarily for you.

We are finding out together which kind of music and which repertoire is better for your style and how you can express your art with your voice. After a few hours, you can feel the difference by yourself.

The proof is coming for example when you can feel more free and more secure singing in front of the public or if you can just sing without any fear.


A once innovative idea came back then out of everyday practice: Lessons through Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, or Viber. When the international career Opera singers that I teach were in other countries (or sometimes Continents) and there was no way they could take lessons with me, we had to find a solution.

Since the pandemic (Coronavirus) this is all part of our everyday process. All we need is an internet connection, a computer, or a cell phone and the lesson is taking place at your home or in the wardrobe in your theater! Believe me: I can hear everything even if you are far away!


There are so many bands and music groups out there in our music world. Just a few dozen of them though are going to make it to the top. It is the details that make the difference between the others and your band.

Together we are going to find the strong and the weak points of your performance and we are going to either enhance or… eliminate them! After that, the way to success is free from obstacles!


The work of a Choir Conductor is basically to teach the music piece and its interpretation to the choir members. It is not very often that one can find a choir conductor to be able to help with the singing technique.

The quality of the interpretation and the homogeneity of the voices in the choir would increase if the singers had a better understanding and control of their individual voices.

My job is to show a singing technique that can develop the choir members as a group as well as individual singers so as to be able to enrich their art quality in any of the sung repertoires (Classic, Musical, Gospel, etc.)

 For the choir lessons, I can travel to your city if necessary.


My opinion is that the combination of a singing teacher, a pianist, and a pedagogue makes the perfect choir director.
Every rehearsal consists of singing technique exercises (and not just warming-up exercises), studying the repertoire and the articulation and interpretation of the pieces while focusing both on the personal development of the singers and on the common development of the choir.