Driving directions & Parking

Singfreude in the heart of Cologne in  Neuehrenfeld. Singfreude is very well connected to the streets and the transportation network of Cologne, as well as to the cities around.

There are two free-of-charge parking spaces in front of the door that you may use. 

Apart from that, there is a parking spot for disabled persons just 10m away from the central door. The studio is on the ground floor, but there is unfortunately no access to people with a wheelchair. 


From A57 Düsseldor, Neuss, Dormagen, etc: On the K4 exit direction Lindenthal/Müngers-dorf/Herkulesstr.=> drive on the Innere Kanalstraße => Turn right on the Subbelrather Str. => Turn right on Ehrenfeldgürtel=> On the first traffic lights turn right on the Fridoling Str. 

Coming from the center of Cologne: From Neumarkt to the direction of the west => Go straight on the Hahnenstraße => Go on on Aachener Str. => After the cemetery Melatenfriedhof go right until you meet with the  Oskar-Jäger-Str. => Turn right on the 1st street on the Melatengürtel => Go straight on the Ehrenfeldgürtel => After Subbelrather Str. turn right into the first street. This ist Fridolinstraße

Coming from the west of Cologne (for example Brauweiler): Take L213 straight=> Go straight on the Lise-Meitner-Ring => to the roundabout take the 2nd exit and stay on the Lise-Meitner-Ring=> Cross above the A1 and go straight => Continue straight to the Gregor-Mendel-Ring=> Exit right direction A1/A4/Junkersdorf/Zentrum => drive on the Militäringstr. => Take the immediate next exit right direction Ehrenfeld/Bickendorf => Drive straight to the L34. The L34 is now the Widdersdorfer Str. => Turn left after the 1. traffic lights and pass under the Deutsche Bahn Bridge and then immediately right on the Girlitzweg => Turn left on Vitalisstr. => Turn right on Vogelsanger Str. => Turn right and stay on the Vogelsanger Str=> Turn left and stay on the Vogelsanger Str => Turn left to Ehrenfeldgürtel => After Subbelrather Straße turn right to the first street. This is Fridolindtr.

Transportation Of Cologne

Station Köln Neuehrenfeld Subbelrather Str. / Gürtel Tram

Line 5: Am Butzweilerhof – Ossendorf – Neuehrenfeld – Friesenplatz – Dom/Hbf – Rathaus – Heumarkt

Line 13: Sülzgürtel – Braunsfeld – Ehrenfeld – Nippes – Riehl – Mülheim – Holweide


Line 141: Weiden – Lövenich – Junkersdorf – Müngersdorf – Technologiepark Köln – Ehrenfeld – Bickendorf – Vogelsang

Line 143: Lövenich – Weiden – Junkersdorf – Müngersdorf – Technologiepark Köln – Ehrenfeld – Bickendorf – Vogelsang – Bocklemünd 

S-Bahn : Station Köln Ehrenfeld 

!Exit Ehrenfeldgürtel! Not Venloer Straße!After that just 6 minutes on foot in the direction out of the city (Subbelrather Str.)

Line S12: Düren – Horrem – Köln – Troisdorf – Siegburg – Hennef – Eitorf – Au (Sieg)

Line S13: Düren – Horrem – Köln – Köln/Bonn Flughafen – Troisdorf

Line S19: Düren – Horrem – Köln – Köln/Bonn Flughafen – Troisdorf – Siegburg/Bonn – Hennef – Au