Preise & Angebote

Wat Et Koss Un Aanjebodde

He can do exactly the price for all the art of singing unlucky lure. Individual singing, band singing or choir singing can be booked at any time in the Tirek online shop. IMPORTANT: You don’t have to be a singer if you’re a bad singer! Through “Tele-Ungerrich” you can now sing anywhere in Germany or around the world!


If you don’t want to take it from me, you can do it in a provost. The  probstund  weed only for solo singing lessons aanjebodde and duurt 60 minutes. You can get a 50% discount from the normal price and 100% services like a real singing lesson.

A singing rehearsal lesson costs  €25.00.

Solo Ungerrich And Tele-Ungerrich

Individual injustice for singers. Ha costs  €55.00. An hour of course lasts  60 minutes!

Band Ungerrich

Singing options for all singers from the band, solo or background vocals, as well as sound optimization services for bands with up to 200,000 singers. The price for the lesson is for the entire band and not just one band meeting. The hour costs  €70.00  and lasts  60 minutes.

Choir Ungerrich

Gesangsstund för all Chor-Metgleeder.

Either individual or group ungerrich for the choir Mitglieder. Hee weed also en Ungerrich per singing hour ( 60 minutes ), no matter how many choir members take part in the Ungerrich. The price is  80€/hour.

(Wann dä Probraum en d‘r Stadt Kölle ess, weede kein Reiskoste berechnet. Wenn de Prob nid en Kölle is, weede noh Absprach ooch Reise- un villleich Üvvernaachtungskoste berechnet.)

Choir Direction

Warm-up exercises, vocal technique exercises, repertoire maintenance and expansion, and interpretation. The price per hour ( 60  minutes ) is the choir conducting warm-up exercises, singing technique exercises, repertoire maintenance and expansion, and interpretation. The price per hour ( 60 minutes ) is  €100, regardless of the choir size.


All Pänz (10+), students (18+), and Ald Lück (65+) for solo and bands-Ungerrich get 18.18% discount**!


Häst do alt ming Geschenkgodschingsigg gesinn? Däu ens he: Geschenkgotsching

*Die Aktion ess nid met andere, Aktione die bestonn ze kombiniee.


I’m not just a tough teacher with a lot of hate and skill, but someone who has different financial preferences. You can of course pay with a card ( ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, EC, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay, JCB, Discover ), but remember: Every swipe on the card reader means that I have a small payment Stick from my Jevöhl on the bank has to pull off. Honestly, who wants to voluntarily lose their money to the bank? Therefore, I prefer if you pay for your lesson via public transfer or in cash. So my jevöhle remains untouched, and I can always use my passion for the Zang without bank fees. Aver kene Sorj, even if you pay with a card, I will still greet you with a beaming smile. Because at the end of the day, what matters most to me is that we support you and that we achieve our musical goals together.
Let’s conquer the stage together – and at the same time make a small mark against the banks!

**45,00€ statt 55,00€ pro Stund für Solo- & 57,00€ statt 70,00€ för Bands-Ungerrich.